Another Poem - SOLC20 Day 24

I've been doing a lot of poetry lately, but it's fun for me. It's something quick and enjoyable for me to do when my brain is tired, like it is today. This is another one of my favorite poem formats. I tried to keep it light and about something other than the obvious. I ended up with a glimpse into the love life of this 23-year-old.

I am bored and stuck in the house.
I wonder if I'll stay left on "seen".
I hear myself sing, "People, people who need people..."
I see the "active" status.
I want interaction. Connection. Something.
I am bored and stuck in the house.

I pretend to not care.
I feel myself caring too much.
I touch my phone - no, don't double text.
I worry he'll forget.
I cry watching P.S. I Love You.
I am bored and stuck in the house.

I understand he's probably busy - but who is really *that* busy right now?
I say, "que sera, sera".
I dream of life 5 years from now.
I try not to ruminate.
I hope for a text back.
I am bored and stuck in the house.


  1. I enjoyed the format of this poem! It brought me back to my single days in college, double texting and checking my phone a bunch (thinking I was getting too easy or seeming overeager) - it is always silly to get in your own head.

    1. I enjoyed writing this one! I love the "I Am" poem format, but find that they always come out kind of melancholy. I wanted to see if I could switch it up. I've obviously had too much time to get in my own head haha


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