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Thank Yous and Flow Charts - SOL20 Day 31's the last day of my first year of Slicing. What a month it has been. Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for creating this platform and this community. Thank you, "welcome wagon", for leaving me positive comments every day. Thank you, Slicing community, for sharing your own journeys. Thank you, Katy, for challenging me to participate in Slice of Life this year. I have so enjoyed this journey. My goals from the beginning of the month to now have changed so drastically, but - I believe - for the better. I already look forward to next year! Today, I created an e-learning flow chart for my students. I feel like it sums up the month pretty well, so for my last Slice of SOL20, I leave you with this: Edit: If you click on the image, it enlarges it and makes it easier to read :)

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