This Too Shall Pass - SOL20 Day 23

This picture was taken a year ago today. I've had this post saved in my draft for weeks, and while the original theme has changed, I think the message is still the same.
I've already done an acrostic poem for a Slice, but it's one of my favorite formats, so here's another one.

Everyone is hiding from a
Virus that has taken
Everything we value and
Ripped it from our hands.
You've heard, "Where your
Treasure is, there your
Heart will be also."
In disappointment, we cancelled. In
Nervousness, we hoarded. In
Grief, we said "Goodbye".
So much has changed.

Getting through another 24 hours,
One day at a time, seems like an
Insurmountable task.
No answers about when it will end, but we must
Go forward.

To carry the torch of hope has become
Our greatest responsibility.

Beautiful things are still happening, and
Everything will find it's place again soon enough.

After this is over, it might take a
Long time for us to
Recover from "6 feet apart", but
I believe that
Greatness will come of this, even this, and I
Hold on to the hope that
This, too, shall pass.


  1. WOW. I am used to 3rd graders writing one word after each letter when using this poem format. You showed how deeply a poem can be across and down. Thanks so much for sharing a beautifully written poem.

    1. Thank you! I always try to make my acrostics tell a story.

  2. I always love the acrostic style poem! Nicely done :) with such a long phrase, it can be tough to think of different words and sentences but this was very powerful

    1. Thank you! I've always loved the challenge of an acrostic.


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